Farm of Calm

Feel good, wear fair

Since 2001 Blutgeschwister has created distinctive unique feel good couture for women who know who they are. From feminine chic to multi-functional and casual clothing. All designs and styles are made in Berlin.

Farm of Calm

We take responsibility


We believe in slow fashion, and our garments are produced sustainably and responsibly. We are gradually converting to resource-saving raw materials and are constantly working on environmentally friendly solutions along the entire supply chain.

Farm of Calm

We demand and promote fair working conditions

As a member and leader of the Fair Wear Foundation, we are committed to taking actions to improve working conditions in textile production.

A sneak peek at Spring & Summer 2022

A voyage for the eyes and the heart: inspired by plant life and wildlife, we climb to new heights of ethnic, modern design in spring, before we indulge in summer in sunny Sicily.

At Blutsgeschwister, we hope you will enjoy the sneak peek into two of our seven deliveries full of fruity summer vibes! 

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